Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Association Online

We represent and support the professional electronic safety and security industry.

The Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Association acts as the “voice” of the electronic security industry in Colorado. Formed in 1980, with over 80% of alarm users in Colorado serviced by CBFAA members, the Association is routinely asked to represents the industry in public relations and legislative actions before City, County and State bodies. Membership participation assures that your thoughts and beliefs are included in the positions promoted by the Association.

CBFAA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of ten people which are elected by the membership. Board members are elected for two year terms and the Board meets approximately ten times per year. There are eight Regular Members (alarm companies) on the Board, one Associate Member (suppliers) and one Public Safety Member (Jurisdiction Employee).


All security & elecronic systems companies in the state are invited to join CBFAA and take advantage of our benefits of membership. In addition to alarm companies, CBFAA has an associate member program for suppliers and other persons associated with the industry.

Colorado Burglar & Fire Alarm Association Membership

  • Full Membership — Any duly licensed alarm installer or central station monitoring company.
  • Associate Membership — Any duly licensed business entity engaged in manufacturing, distributing, supplying, dealing in or selling products or services generally used, relating to, and/or necessary to the members of the association.

Join the CBFAA and enjoy the benefits of membership!