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You are Invited to Join the CBFAA

Download the membership application form, print out the form and mail it along with your check, to the CESA. Acceptance is subject to Board approval.

Regular Membership: Regular membership in the Association shall be open to any individual, partnership, firm or corporation duly licensed and actively engaged in the business of installing and/or providing alarm service or maintenance under contract in the electrical protection field for a period of one year. Regular members must also be members of the NBFAA.

Associate Membership: Associate membership shall consist of any business entity, or person, which is engaged in the business of manufacturing, distributing, supplying, dealing in or selling products or services relating and necessary to the members of the Association. Associate membership shall also consist of any business entity, or person which would not qualify under the Regular Membership class but by the nature of their business is involved in security industry.

Benefits of Belonging to CBFAA

The Security Industry in Colorado is Changing Constantly!

  • Educational Requirements for Alarm Technicians
  • Security Companies Held Responsible for Alarm Users Not Having Permits
  • Reciprocity Spreading Throughout Colorado!
  • Laws for Contractors – and for Unlicensed Companies
  • Statewide Licensing

Join the Colorado Electronic Security Association!

Look at some of the Benefits of Belonging

The CBFAA is the original, Charter Chapter of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.  Belonging to the CBFAA means you also belong to the NBFAA.  The following is a partial list of real, tangible, money saving benefits of membership:

General Liability and E&O Insurance

Security America Risk Retention Group (866) 315-3838

Reduce your premiums by purchasing your general liability/E&O insurance through Security America Risk Retention Group. Security America’s coverage is specifically tailored to meet the needs of electronic life safety, security, and systems professionals. Join other NBFAA member companies that have saved thousands of dollars on their annual premiums by taking advantage of this member exclusive coverage. Visit for more information.

Online Business Skills Courses

NBFAA has partnered with The CMOOR Group – the electronic life safety, security, and systems industry’s leading eLearning company – to provide cutting-edge online training at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs. This partnership has yielded more than 2,500 online courses, including desktop applications, server administration, and “soft skills” such as contract negotiation and interview techniques. Through eLearning, you can train at your own pace, on your own time, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs. Course libraries offer packages of 150-220 courses, with access available for a full year. Developing and adding to our repertoire of online classes is an ongoing initiative, as more industry professionals recognize the advantages of Internet learning. And all courses come with “Instant Mentoring,” which provides access to a live content expert 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week to answer your questions in real-time!

Group Health Insurance

Provide affordable employer-paid health insurance benefit packages for your employees through an NBFAA endorsed group health insurance program. Customized quotes are offered to NBFAA member companies both large and small.

Electronic Payment Processing

Revitalize your receivables through NBFAA’s endorsement of a leading supplier of credit card and check processing services and merchant accounting services. Key benefits include: complete credit card processing; a state-of-the-art payment gateway providing secure transactions over the Internet; and a safe and simple electronic payment system using a virtual check product.

Payroll Services

Let a leading national provider of payroll, human resources, and benefits for small-to medium-sized businesses relieve you of those tasks. NBFAA members receive an exclusive 15% discounted rate.

Credit Card

Replace one of your high-interest credit cards, lower your payments, and show your support for our association by applying for an NBFAA logo credit card. This endorsed credit card program features a low initial interest rate and various financial investment products.

Internet Services

Promote your company with a website or Internet marketing campaign through an NBFAA endorsed full service Internet company dedicated to the electronic life safety, security, and systems industry. Services include world-class website development, award-winning website design, website hosting, Internet marketing, graphic design for all types of media, and much more. NBFAA members receive exclusive special discounts.

Debt Recovery Services

NBFAA is pleased to offer our members the services of a leader in the alarm debt recovery industry as one of our endorsed programs. With extensive knowledge and expertise in both the alarm industry and the collection process, this company specializes in past due accounts receivable specifically for the alarm industry. Their state of the art equipment, trained personnel, professional offices, and dedicated in-house legal staff assure that you can place your confidence, trust, and business with them.

Lead Generation Service is the premier source for sales leads targeting ready-to-purchase buyers. Founded in 1992, BuyerZone’s online purchasing marketplace attracts buyers proactively seeking product and pricing information across more than 125 product and service categories, including commercial and residential security systems. The BuyerZone ‘Request for Quotes’ process asks key questions about each buyer’s specific needs and purchase timeframe, allowing BuyerZone to make a qualified match to the most appropriate security providers with their supplier network. With more than three billion dollars in purchasing transactions facilitated through through 2004, BuyerZone’s service delivers a high return on investment for more than 7,000 national and local suppliers.

Overnight Delivery Services

Save significantly on your overnight shipping costs by using the discount offered to NBFAA members.  By using DHL, your membership will allow you to save up to 25% off FedEx published rates on every package you ship.

Recruitment Services

NBFAA has endorsed the largest Specialty Recruitment website in the U. S. developed specifically for the electronic life safety, security, and systems industry.  All employees at this recruiting agency come from the industry in one capacity or another giving us a strong identity with our client & candidate needs from operators to presidents – coast to coast!  Industry knowledge takes the guesswork out of the search so we offer fewer resumes to cull through to deliver the candidate you need with the specific skill set you desire.  Saves time.  Save money.

Custom On-hold Messages

“Please hold?  Thank you for calling; can you hold?”  It happens and you can’t avoid it.  If you’re in business, the reality is you have to place callers “on hold”.  Well, now you can use that “hold time” to maximize on sales opportunities.  NBFAA has teamed up with On Hold Inc., the nation’s leading on hold message company, to offer members professionally produced, custom on hold messages.  Now you can tell callers about products/services, locations, hours, advertises your Web site, promote special offers and more.  The opportunities are endless!  The time your callers spend “on hold” is an invaluable opportunity to market directly to a captive audience that should not be missed.