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Consumer Tip: Selecting an Alarm Company

10 TIPS FOR CONSUMERS SELECTING AN ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEM The Colorado Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (CBFAA) recommends these steps for consumers seeking the services of a reputable and experienced burglar & fire alarm installing company. 1. On the CESA … Continue reading

Download Full Model Ordinance Document

Click the icon below to download the CBFAA Model Alarm Ordinance (Police Version) Click the icon below to download the CBFAA Model Alarm Ordinance (Sheriff Version)

CESA Model Ordinance Highlights

1. Alarm Response Manager (ARM) required for each alarm company 2. Enhanced Call Verification required for all burglar alarms (except live video) 3. Sequential Verification for burglar alarm calls – two independent zones – same zone activation twice within ten … Continue reading

Special Building Requirements

Contractor Licensing

Permits and Ordinances

Alarm Companies: Prevent False Alarms

BEST PRACTICES For ALARM COMPANY’S PREVENTING FALSE ALARMS Reducing false alarms are one of the biggest and most important challenges the alarm industry faces.  Law enforcement resources are stretched thin in most jurisdictions due to shrinking budgets and growing populations.  … Continue reading

Alarm Users: Prevent False Alarms

As an alarm owner, it is important that you take responsibility for the operation of your alarm system. False alarms can be prevented. User Error The vast majority of false alarms are caused by user error. Everyone who has a … Continue reading