CESA Model Ordinance Highlights

1. Alarm Response Manager (ARM) required for each alarm company
2. Enhanced Call Verification required for all burglar alarms (except live video)
3. Sequential Verification for burglar alarm calls – two independent zones – same zone activation twice within ten minutes – cross-zoning – all commercial sites – residential sites exempted or given a time extension – live video or audio that indicates an intrusion
4. CP-01 required on all new installs after 90 days of ordinance effective date
5. Annual alarm registration – for alarm users $24, $12 Seniors 65+ – residential
6. Alarm company collects new and renewal permit fees from their customers
7. Registration number required for a dispatch request
8. Registration of all installation and monitoring companies $100
9. Provide alarm installer checklist
10. Provide alarm user checklist
11. One (1) free false alarm during annual registration period
12. All false alarm service fees charged to the alarm users
13. Burglar alarm false alarm service fees 2 or more $75, during registration period
14. Robbery/panic all $200 or 1 – 2 $100, then $200 until letter of correction
15. Non-registered alarm sites $200 charged to the alarm user
16. Suspension after Three (3) False Alarms within registration period
17. Appeal Process – $25 appeal fee – returned if upheld
18. Late fees – $25
19. Reinstatement $100 – follow requirements – fees paid, corrective letter, take false alarm awareness class
20. Alarm company penalized for failure to have ARM, register, pay fees
21. Monitoring company charged for making a call on non-permitted sites or suspended sites after they have been notified – $100 per call
22. Acclimation Period – 7 days before any calls to law enforcement
23.  Alarm Administrator can adjust count of false alarms or fees
24. Proper Installation, Training & Maintenance
25.  Confidentiality of alarm information
26.  Scope of police duties; immunities preserved
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