Consumer Tip: Selecting an Alarm Company


The Colorado Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (CBFAA) recommends these steps for consumers seeking the services of a reputable and experienced burglar & fire alarm installing company.

1. On the CESA web site access Member Directory for a list of CESA member companies in your area. The association’s members agree to maintain a high level of conduct under its National Code of Ethics and render services at the highest level of quality.

2. Call several companies. Ask them if their employees are trained and/or certified by the National Electronic Security Association (NESA).

3. Ask the companies if they have appropriate local licenses, if required and are knowledgeable of the local alarm policy or ordinance for the jurisdiction where the alarm system is to be installed.

4. Ask the companies if they conduct any pre-employment screening.

5. Contact your local police department’s Crime Prevention Department, Consumer Protection Agencies, and the Better Business Bureau.

6. Ask your insurance agent, friends, family or neighbors for referrals.

7. After you’ve narrowed the field to three or four alarm companies, ask for the name of the person who will call on you. Consider planning the appointment time when all members of your household are present.

8. Ask each alarm company representative for an inspection, recommendation and a quote in writing. Use a checklist to compare different packages and price quotes.

9. Be suspicious of door to door sales, where you must decide to purchase an alarm system immediately. Verify information about the company, its services and equipment. Never make a decision in haste; the same deal should still be good next week.

10. Study the contract to ensure you know exactly what protection you’re receiving for your investment.

To learn more about home security systems, call the NESA at 1 888-447-1689 for a FREE consumer brochure. Or visit NESA on the Internet at

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